praying in colour

this morning, the second day of lent, I was thinking about a line that I’d read in ‘Wearing God’ as I went to sleep the night before. ‘We asked the students what they imagine their relationship with God would look like after if they adopted doodling prayer for five years, ten years. One student says this: “I think I would laugh with God more.”‘

Lauren Winner goes on to talk about the Laughter of God, and it’s an interesting meditation on a God who is not always pleasant but takes the side of the oppressed. A God who shakes Gods head at our actions and choices, but who, in God’s laughter, ‘appreciates that I cannot do any better but wishes that I could.’ This God knows that laughter fills a host of purposes- not only the communication of joy.

In any case, it was the practice of doodling with God that caught my imagination. I want to root myself ever more firmly in who God is and be willing to hear what God might be saying to me at the same time. Strictly speaking, this morning wasn’t about doodling, instead, it was a beginning place to centre on God.

It’s a start, and one I hope to carry through lent.

I’d highly recommend reading Wearing God by Lauren Winner too.