or something.

I have a dream for my life. It involves other people, investing in their lives and creating community, friendship and love.

It involves hospitality, creating safe spaces for those who might otherwise not have a space to call home. I’m hoping that my home will be a home for teenagers in long term care, and or for those just ageing out of care. I want to create a space too that is home for those who have been called into the mission field and need somewhere to call home for a while. I want to gather folks who are committed to radical hospitality and the creation of safe spaces, who have a yearning in their soul to see the abandoned found. I want to create a space that nurtures my creativity, and therefore allows others to explore and nurture their creativity.

what this exactly looks like, feels like, tastes smells and sounds like… I don’t really know. for now, though, I am putting my energy and resources into creating a foundation for this future. I am investing in the things that I want to be successful at later. I am seeking opportunities to learn more about myself, in order to be realistic in planning for this future. I am an optimist, and I am a realist.

I’m trying really hard to notice my life more. I get so quickly sucked into social media- where as we all know, you can scroll and scroll and scroll and nothing has been accomplished. Less often than I’d like a connection is made, but generally it’s a waste of my time and energy. It takes real intention and effort to make changes in your life. Small steps that are taken every day, slowly bringing us closer to our goals. I’m trying to¬†notice those small steps and to make sure that they are on a path I want to follow.

Here’s to noticing, listening and creating.

above all, here’s to dreaming.



lamenting and rejoicing

although we are weeping, lord help us keep sowing the seeds of your kingdom for the day you will reap them. (psalm 126. and sung by Bifrost Arts)

When I’m¬†stuck, as I found myself yesterday, in the mire of the pain that the world is creating, I tend to forget what God is doing.

I get stuck in the weeping. I forget to keep sowing. This week, however, I’ve been doing the Christmas assemblies at the Academy, and they’re a perfect mix of that- recognising the brokenness we see around us¬†and also the fact that Jesus came at a time like this, for a time like this.

I didn’t know until recently that almost 1 in 113 people is currently an asylum seeker or refugee. (source) The UK isn’t as friendly to these people as we should be. The space that we make for each other is important, it’s a recognition of how much space we think we deserve. (yet these ‘others’ are people too, why do they not deserve as much space as we take up?) My talk every morning this week has focused on how we Christians have a secure hope to base our lives on (Hebrews 6.19, 10.22) and so we are secure in knowing that we have ‘enough’. Enough allows, calls, demands generosity¬†of us. This is what I’m telling the students every day, and what I’m reminding myself of every day. It’s timely, that’s for sure.

I’m reminded that in the suffering of the world, people are working hard to see justice come, to set the captives free, to restore sight to the blind. If all we can do is give money, that’s enough. There’s no perfect answer. There’s just generosity, and enough.

I work with a student on a Wednesday afternoon, and today we took the time to interview a friend from an older generation.  The time and care that was given this afternoon just warmed my heart. If nothing else, the way my friend and student interacted is an example of sowing kingdom seeds that I will not forget quickly.

He who goes out weeping, 
    carrying seeds to sow,
will return with songs of joy, 
    carrying sheaves with him. 
                      psalm 126.6